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Watch It Die lyrics


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     Watch It Die
    >> Bad Religion
        i was born on planet earth
    the rotating ball whre man comes first
    it's been around for a long time
    but now its time to watch it die
    i saw a man on my big blue screen
    he ruled the world economy
    he said the rich would never concede
    but some day soon he'll be put to sleep
    i've seen the life of the forest green
    and adaptations of the deep blue sea
    and who knows who is the fittest
    they will all soon be put to rest
    on a plunging flight and we're sitting
    in the pilots seat in the midst of life
    people on a dark horizon praying
    somebody will save their lives
    i was born on the planet earth
    at a drastic time full of plastic mirth
    and every day i've seen increasing signs
    and you would too if you'd opened your eyes
    you had a chance you did not try
    so now it's time to watch it die
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